Remember to be kind to yourself. Disconnect from the world and reconnect to you. 
I can help make that happen.

Gamble Velimirovic, LMT


Research supports numerous benefits of massage - relief from migraines, lower back pain, carpal tunnel. Massage slows your heart rate and reduces blood pressure, an excellent prescription to combat stress, anxiety and depression. It blocks your nervous system’s pain receptors. It boosts your immune system. Science grounds my education, and I provide the healing touch.

I’ve always been a nurturer, a listener, a caregiver. Massage gives me the opportunity to be those things for you. My training in neuromuscular therapy can help you reduce stress, get better sleep, and manage chronic pain. I learn so much from my clients, and the connections we make have been a constant source of enlightened and practical knowledge for me. I am happy to pass that knowledge onto you, and to learn from you as well. It is my privilege to serve people when they may not be feeling their best. I don’t take that trust for granted.

My philosophy of care is to focus on my client: What are your expectations? How can I best assist your daily life, or your athletic pursuits? What concerns can I address and treat? What plan of action can we, as a team, create for chronic issues? I provide stretches for everyone as a take-away for general care, and that can be done in between treatments to ensure a continuum of care for your healing. The holistic sense of mind-body-spirit, science, and nurturing . . . all come together as a gift of well-being.



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Deep tissue, Swedish, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, reflexology for the feet, neuromuscular focus. With permission, trigger point therapy and hot stones/bamboo are used within treatments as I determine the need.

As a courtesy, please provide 24-hour notice when canceling an appointment. Canceling day-of or being a ‘no-show’ may result in a service charge.